Congratulations to SARG team member Zoe Clarke who has won funding for research on commercial determinants of health in Sheffield.

The funding has been awarded by the NIHR School for Public Health Research through their Research Network (ResNet) which provides support for early career researchers.

About the research

Sheffield City Council is developing plans to reduce health harms from industries that sell unhealthy products (such as alcohol, tobacco, gambling, ultra-processed foods and fossil fuels). As part of this they want to understand residents’ views on these companies’ activities, including what impacts they think they are having on people in the local area.

The project aims to work with Sheffield residents to find and agree on a ‘common language’ in which these health issues, practices, and their impacts can be discussed. This will help inform Sheffield City Council’s policy and communication strategy and support effective communication with residents, particularly around policy decisions that are made because of the plans.

Research team

Zoe will work with fellow SARG colleague Abi Stevely along with other researchers from the University of Sheffield, University of Stirling, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and public health specialists at Sheffield City Council.

Find out more on the NIHR School for Public Health Research website.