Professor Robin Purshouse recently gave a talk on Building agent-based models using computational intelligence as part of the University of Exeter’s Computer Science Seminar Series.

In the talk Robin explored recent work that aims to identify agent rules using multi-objective genetic programming, with a case study on drinking behaviours in the USA. The seminar also highlighted opportunities for machine learning methods in addressing key challenges such as computational expense and identifying commonalities across a set of candidate models.

A recording of the seminar is available to watch on the Department of Computer Science’s YouTube channel.

Robin is a Professor of Decision Sciences in the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering, and his research aims to help improve how we identify and choose between possible solutions to a problem, with a particular focus on the process of policy appraisal. He was instrumental in developing the Sheffield Alcohol Policy Model which provides estimates of the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of alcohol policies including pricing and availability policies as well as screening and brief interventions.