The Sheffield Addictions Research Group (SARG) recently took part in the ESRC Festival of Social Science┬áby hosting an interactive activity stand in Sheffield’s Moor Market.

In October 2023 team members Dr Parvati Perman-Howe, Anna Butters, Lucy Burke and Ellen McGrane spent the day talking with members of the public about SARG and using hands-on activities to explore some of their research work on the health and wellbeing impacts of alcohol and gambling.

Inspired by the No/Lo Project which is investigating the impact of alcohol-free and low-alcohol drinks on public health, visitors were challenged to guess the number of units in a pint of beer or glass of wine, take part in a virtual night out and test their knowledge with an alcohol-themed quiz.

Ellen McGrane’s work on gambling advertising was highlighted by a ‘match the sponsor to the shirt’ game which demonstrated the number of gambling companies sponsoring Premier League football clubs.

Dr Perman-Howe who coordinated the stand said “It was great to get out into Sheffield and share some of our research with members of the public. There was a lot of interest in the No/Lo Project and many people were surprised to see how many top football clubs were sponsored by gambling companies – we had plenty of interesting discussions on both topics.”