The SPECTRUM Consortium is a multi-university, multi-agency research consortium focused on the commercial determinants of health and health inequalities funded by theĀ UK Prevention Research Partnership.

SPECTRUM is generating new evidence to inform the prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) caused by unhealthy commodities, including tobacco, alcohol and unhealthy food and drink.

The STAPM platform is being used to develop new economic and health impact evidence, modelling and analysis in work package 4 of SPECTRUM.

Objectives of work package 4

1. Develop new economic evidence on the impacts of alcohol and tobacco, their associated diseases, and prevention policies – including:

    • Consumers’ work productivity, employment and early retirement
    • Revenue to retailers
    • Gains and losses in different sectors of the UK economy
    • Direct and indirect tax revenues to government
    • Public sector costs from healthcare, social care and crime

2. Develop and extend the STAPM platform to produce modelling that covers England, Wales and Scotland

3. Undertake translational work with collaborators in food systems to explore how economic methods in alcohol and tobacco could be of use in complex food systems modelling

Find out more about work package 4 on the STAPM website.

SARG team

Members of the Sheffield Alcohol Research Group involved in SPECTRUM are Alan Brennan, Colin Angus, Duncan Gillespie, Damon Morris, Grace Leeming and Ryan Kai Le Chen.


SPECTRUM is a UK Prevention Research Partnership Consortium (MR/S037519/1) which is funded by the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Chief Scientist Office of the Scottish Government Health and Social Care Directorates, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, Economic and Social Research Council, Health and Social Care Research and Development Division (Welsh Government), Medical Research Council, National Institute for Health Research, Natural Environment Research Council, Public Health Agency (Northern Ireland), The Health Foundation and Wellcome.