The UK centre for tobacco and alcohol studies (UKCTAS) is a network of 12 universities in the UK and 1 university in New Zealand.

There are 6 work streams:

  • Behaviour and risks of tobacco and alcohol use.
  • Population wide strategies for behaviour change.
  • Individual strategies for behaviour change.
  • Strategies to reduce harm associated with tobacco and alcohol.
  • Policy and ethics arising from tobacco and alcohol research.
  • The tobacco and alcohol industries.

With 4 cross-cutting themes:

  • Inequalities.
  • Developing and using innovative research methodology.
  • Conducting and improving methods for assessing the economics of public health.
  • Teaching, training, capacity development and public engagement.

At Sheffield we have several ongoing projects that aim to improve population-level policies and interventions that reduce harm from tobacco and alcohol use.

We are also using our expertise on cost-effectiveness assessment to examine the cost of smoking and drinking to users, and the cost of interventions to reduce consumption and related harm from tobacco and alcohol.